Kristofer Finkle

Kristofer (spelled incorrectly on the poster) was the nephew of my God child Trinza and son of Tom and the late Kim Finkle.

With James MacArthur

Aloha James, you'll always be the original "Book 'em Danno" guy!

Blake Edwards

Blake Edwards. 1922-2010. You will never be forgotten.

With Jackie Cooper

When I asked Jackie Cooper to participate in his first autograph show, he agreed, providing monies would go toward The Motion Picture Home. What a guy!

From Zorro

Don Diamond of Walt Disney's "Zorro" has joined Guy Williams, Henry Calvin and Gene Sheldon in Western heaven!!

Jim Farentino

1938-2012. Born James Farentino. Not James, not Jimmy, it's Jim.. with the HARD M...so be it!

From Zorro

Tony Martin. 1913-2012. When Tony sang at the Catalina Jazz Club in In 2009, all of us gals swooned! Now he's with his beloved wife, Cyd.

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