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Feature Film and TV Movie Appearances:

1957 Tank Battalion/Korean Attack (American-International Pictures) D: Sherman Rose.

1959 Cry Tough (United Artists) D: Paul Stanley.

1959 The Blue Angel (20th Century-Fox) D: Edward Dmytryk.

1960 Elmer Gantry (United Artists) D: Richard Brooks.

1961 The Devil at 4 O’Clock (Columbia) D: Mervyn LeRoy.

1962 Five Weeks in a Balloon (20th Century-Fox) D: Irwin Allen.

1963 Dime with a Halo (MGM) D: Boris Sagal.

1964 Mail Order Bride (MGM) D: Burt Kennedy.

1965 Synanon (Columbia) D: Richard Quine.

1965 Ship of Fools (Columbia) D: Stanley Kramer.

1967 Winchester ‘73 (telefilm; airdate: 3/14/67 - NBC) D: Herschel Daugherty.

1968 Firecreek (Warner Brothers/7 Arts) D: Vincent McEvetty.

1969 Che! (20th Century-Fox) D: Richard Fleischer.

1971 The Gatling Gun D: Robert Gordon.

1972 Women in Chains (telefilm; airdate: 1/25/72 - ABC) D: Bernard L. Kowalski.

1973 Gentle Savage/Camper John D: Sean McGregor.

1974 The Hanged Man (telefilm; airdate: 3/13/74 - ABC) D: Michael Caffey.

1975 They Only Come Out at Night (telefilm; airdate: 4/29/75 - NBC) D: Daryl Duke.

1976 Woman in the Rain D: Paul Hunt.

1976 Brenda Starr (telefilm; airdate: 5/8/76 - ABC) D: Mel Stuart.

1979 Pleasure Cove (telefilm; airdate: 1/3/79 - NBC) D: Bruce Bilson.

1982 The Concrete Jungle (Pentagon) D: Tom DeSimone.

1992 Lady Against the Odds (telefilm; airdate: 4/20/92 - NBC) D: Bradford May.

1997 Fool’s Paradise D: Richard Zakka.

2000 Noriega: God’s Favorite. (telefilm; Showtime) D: Roger Spottiswoode.

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Television Appearances:

Mike Hammer "That's Who It Was" 2/11/58

Meet McGraw "The Long Aloha" 3/18/58 NBC

Have Gun, Will Travel "Silver Convoy" 5/31/58 CBS

Perry Mason "The Case of the Sardonic Sergeant" 10/11/58 CBS

Zorro "The New Order" 11/13/58 ABC

Zorro "An Eye for an Eye" 11/20/58 ABC

Zorro "Zorro and the Flag of Truce" 11/27/58 ABC

Zorro "Ambush" 12/4/58 ABC

Desilu Playhouse "So Tender, So Profane" 10/30/59 CBS

The Texan "Showdown at Abilene" 11/9/59

The Texan "The Reluctant Bridegroom" 11/16/59

The Untouchables "Mexican Stake-Out" 11/26/59 ABC

Hawaiian Eye "The Koa Man" 12/30/59 ABC

Bonanza "Toro Grande" 1/2/60 NBC

Overland Trail "Mission to Mexico" 4/24/60 NBC

Tales of Wells Fargo "Vasquez" 5/16/60 NBC

Death Valley Days "Pete Kitchen’s Wedding" 6/21/60 ABC

Hawaiian Eye "Sword of Samurai" 6/22/60 ABC

Adventures in Paradise "Away From it All" 10/24/60 ABC

Assignment: Underwater "A Matter of Honor" 11/11/60

Lock Up "Girls Wanted" 12/31/60

Stagecoach West "The Big Gun" 4/25/61 ABC

Gunslinger "The Death of Yellow Singer" 5/11/61 CBS

Alcoa Premiere "The House of the Bath" 1/16/62 ABC

The Untouchables "The Death Tree" 2/15/62 ABC

Gunsmoke "He Learned About Women" 2/24/62 CBS

Hawaiian Eye "Payoff" 3/28/62 CBS

Ripcord "A Present For Felipé" 1962

The Real McCoys "The Love Bug Bugs Pepino" 12/16/62 CBS

The Wide Country "Farewell to Margarita" 3/21/63 NBC

G.E. True "Five Tickets to Hell" 5/26/63 CBS

The Outer Limits "It Crawled Out of the Woodwork" 12/9/63 ABC

Calhoun: County Agent (unaired CBS pilot with Jackie Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck) 1963

The Wild, Wild West "Night of the Deadly Bed" 9/24/65 CBS

Amos Burke, Secret Agent "Nightmare in the Sun" 10/20/65 ABC

O.K. Crackerby 11/11/65 ABC

Ben Casey "The Man from Quasillia" 11/29/65 ABC

The Wackiest Ship in the Army "Last Path to Garcia" 12/12/65 NBC

The FBI "Special Delivery" 1/23/66 ABC

Laredo "Coup de Grace" 10/7/66 NBC

Mission: Impossible "Elena" 12/10/66 CBS

The FBI "The Gray Passenger" 1/29/67 ABC

The Invaders "Storm" 4/4/67 ABC

The FBI "The Extortionist" 4/16/67 ABC

Cimarron Strip "The Legend of Jud Starr" 9/14/67 CBS

Star Trek "Mirror, Mirror" 10/6/67 NBC

Tarzan "Maguma Curse" 10/20/67 NBC

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. "The Man from T.H.R.U.S.H. Affair" 12/4/67 NBC

High Chaparral "The Firing Wall" 12/31/67 NBC

The Big Valley "Miranda" 1/15/68 ABC

The FBI "The Young Warriors" 3/9/69 ABC

Hawaii Five-O "A Thousand Pardons...You’re Dead!" 9/24/69 CBS

Mission: Impossible "Time Bomb" 12/14/69 CBS

Lancer "Lifeline" 5/19/70 CBS

The Young Lawyers "The Glass Prison" 11/2/70 ABC

The Most Deadly Game "War Games" 11/28/70 ABC

Love American Style "Love and the Sweet 16" 11/5/71 ABC

Cannon "Flight Plan" 12/28/71 CBS

Marcus Welby, M.D. "A Question of Fault" 10/16/73 ABC

Mannix "Silent Target" 10/28/73 CBS

Kung Fu "A Lamb to the Slaughter" 1/11/75 CBS

Police Story "The Man in the Shadows" 2/25/75 NBC

Cannon "Lady on the Run" 3/5/75 CBS

Wives (pilot) 3/21/75 CBS

Petrocelli "Five Yards of Trouble" 9/24/75 NBC

Bert D’Angelo/Superstar "The Brown Horse Connection" 3/13/76

Side by Side (pilot) 7/27/76 CBS

The Six Million Dollar Man "Vulture of the Andes" 11/21/76 NBC

Switch "The Hemline Heist" 2/27/77 CBS

Switch "Death Tong" 1/9/78 CBS

Project UFO "Sighting 4002: Welcome to Saucer City" 2/26/78 NBC

Police Story "The Broken Badge" 3/19/78 NBC

The Amazing Spider Man "Escort to Danger" 5/3/79 CBS

Hawaii Five-O "A Lion in the Streets" 10/4/79 CBS

Fantasy Island "Marathon" 10/5/79 ABC

Fantasy Island "Jungle Man" 3/8/80 ABC

Buck Rogers of the 25th Century "Time of the Hawk, Parts I and II" 1/15 and 1/22/81 NBC

Freebie and the Bean "Lover, Come Back" 1/24/81 CBS

Buck Rogers of the 25th Century "The Guardians" 1/29/81 NBC

Charlie’s Angels "Attack Angels" 6/3/81 ABC

Fantasy Island "Operation Breakout" 1/15/83 ABC

T.J. Hooker "Outcall" 2/2/85 ABC

Search for Tomorrow (series; as Anna Ryder) c. 1985 NBC

Airwolf "Birds of Paradise" 3/29/86 CBS

One Life to Live (series; as Maria Roberts) 6/86 to 1988 ABC

Mission: Impossible "The Fortune" 2/18/89 ABC

The Cosby Show "Birthday Blues" 3/30/89 NBC

Hunter "The Nightmare" 1/13/90 NBC

Dragnet (date and episode title unknown) Syndicated

The Young Riders "Then There Was One" 4/5/90 ABC

Dallas "Smooth Operator" 2/15/91 CBS

The Alpen Tour (travel series host) 1992-The Travel Channel

Sunset Beach (series; as Sydney Jacobs) 10/7, 10/15, 10/16, 10/21 & 11/13/98 NBC

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Theater Appearances include:

South Pacific (Broadway Production; as Ngana) 1949-51

The King and I (Broadway Production; as Princess and Swing Girl) 1951-56

Teahouse of the August Moon (Broadway and Touring Production; as Lotus Blossom) 1956-57

West Side Story (Lincoln Center Production; as Anita) 1969

Applause (Dancer and Assistant Choreographer for Sacramento, CA Production) 1976

A Chorus Line (Broadway Production; as Diana Morales) 1976

Flower Drum Song (Muny Theater-St. Louis, MO.; as Linda Lo) 1981

Fly by Night (New York Production; as Lenore) 1985

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