Phyllis with loyal fan, Brian Boyle

Phyllis Diller, 1917-2012. At 95, the Goddess of laughter, passed away. She had an incredibly marvelous life and had brought more laughter to folks than anyone else I can think of. Now Heaven will truly be complete as her genuine, hardy laugh fills it's clouds. God Bless you. ~Brian Boyle

With Larry on Dallas

Larry Hagman, 1931-2012. We first met when I was working on Broadway with his mom, Mary Martin. While Larry was directing me in this segment of "Dallas", she passed away.....sigh.

With Malachi

1928--2013. What I will miss most about my dear friend Malachi was his tremendous knowledge on so many topics and his very humorous way of telling stories with his deep golden tones while explaining whatever it was...that's why he got the big bucks!

With A.C. Lyles

A.C. Lyles, 1918-2013. Born Andrew Craddock Lyles, he was always referred to as “Mr. Paramount". What an honor to have known him. Without getting a hug from A.C. at an event, it will never be the same.

With Marvin

January 26, 1926 - November 13, 2013. Marvin Paige was an angel. He himself was an artist, which is why he was so caring and respectful towards actors. We all loved him. He is a big loss to the entire Hollywood community, but, we all know he will be around us at every event!

With Carla Laemmle

Carla Laemmle, 1909-2014. Your endless beauty, heart and soul will be missed.

With James Garner

James Garner, 1928 - 2014. Thank you for our Sentimental Journey.

With Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy, March 26, 1931 - February 2015. Leonard's death has saddened many. He will live in my heart and the hearts of friends and fans all around the world. My sadness goes out to his wife Susan and family.

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