March 14 2009. When ex pupils and friends of choreographer/dance teacher Roland Dupree heard that he was flying to Los Angeles from his home in New Mexico for the PDS awards, we Gypsys decided a luncheon for Roland was definitely in order! With tremendous enthusiasm, many of us gathered in a private room at Cravings on Sunset Blvd., the perfect spot. Many of us hadn't seen him in 30 years! Dancers, teachers and choreographers all came to what turned out to be a historical and hysterical afternoon. Tears and cheers was the theme that day.

The cake was delicious

The cake was delicious.

With Roland Dupree

First dance class I had in L.A. was with Roland. He then choreographed dance routines I performed on several western TV shows and also "Five Weeks in a Balloon".

With Jimmy Hibbard and Walter Painter

Joining in the reunion were Jimmy Hibbard, who flew in from Canada for the occasion, and choreographer / teacher Walter Painter. Jimmy, Walter and I worked together in a company of "West Side Story".

Roland and Paul Ryan

Talk show host and comedy director/teacher Paul Ryan also studied with Roland.

Roland and Dolores Terri

Dolores Terri studied with Roland and was taught so well, she began teaching for him at the Coronet theatre where we all took class.

Roland and Michele Hart

Michele Hart never stopped glowing... thankfully she also provided name tags!

Roland and Rita D'amico Hyde

Roland loved Rita D'amico Hyde so much that despite her lack of dance experience at that time, he put her in his show as a mermaid... plopped her on stage in a fish tail!

Pam Freeman, Rosemarie Rand and Miriam Nelson

Pam Freeman, close friend and ex-student of Roland's, Rosemarie Rand, who not only studied and taught with Roland, but she still teaches a turn class at Debbie Reynold's studio, and yet another great choreographer joining the nostalgic group of Gypsies, Miriam Nelson.

Joanne DiVito and Toni Basil

Career transitioner for dancers is the ever important Joanne DiVito and the ever radiant Toni Basil. Loved seeing her judge "So You Think You Can Dance".

Marilyn Corwin and Kim Blank

Ex-students, dancer Marilyn Corwin and Kim Blank, now a choreographer, ("Mambo Kings").

Mary Jean Valente, Paul Bennet and Lesley Evans

Mary Jean Valente and Paul Bennet started The Dance Casting Co. for Roland way back when. Ex-student and actress, beautiful Lesley Evans beaming over seeing Roland.

Walter and wife Charlene

Walter and choreographer wife Charlene who volunteers her time to stage-manage the shows for PDS. (Professional Dancers Society).

Roland received lots of love that day

Roland received lots of love that day.

With Hama

Hama studied with Roland before he was, and still is, a disciple of famous NY dance teacher Luigi.

Roland and writer Josie Powell

Writer Josie Powell (Story of Tito Puente) loved renewing old times with Roland.

Marilyn, Kim and  Rusty

Marilyn, Kim and Rusty.

Anita Mann, Maria Pogee and Jerry Jackson

Choreographer Anita Mann always lights up a room, and how fun to watch Maria Pogee, the Argentinean judge on TV's "International Dance Extravaganza". What a treat to see Jerry Jackson who choreographed The Folies Bergère in Vegas from day one until it recently ended.

Michael Callan and Anita

Original Riff on Broadway in "West Side Story" is triple threat Michael Callan, chatting with Anita.

Sonja Haney and Victoria Carroll Bell

I was so happy to finally meet Sonja Haney. I've always heard about her. What a doll! Victoria Carroll Bell gave Roland a book of photos that were taken when they worked together over 20 years ago. Wow!

Roland, Toni and friends

Roland, Toni and friends.

Maria and I

Maria and I.

Paul and Hama chuckling over old times

Paul and Hama chuckling over old times.

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