Birthday cake for Luigi

March 20, 2009. So happy to be in NYC for my legendary dance teacher's 84th birthday celebration... and Luigi is still teaching!

Francis, me and Luigi

Francis, Luigi's assistant of 25 years just returned from teaching in Amsterdam, moi and the extraordinary Luigi.

Students singing Happy Birthday

Students singing Happy Birthday after class.

Old and new

Old and new.

sheet
Students attending that day.

So much love

So much love.

Luigi and Christine Reisner

Big hugs & smile from dancer/actress Christine Reisner.

These loyal students flew in from Japan to help celebrate

These loyal students flew in from Japan to help celebrate.

With Ken Romo and Donna Gianell

Cantcha just feel all the love and admiration from Ken Romo, and Donna Gianell? Ken and Donna are also TOS fans big time!

With Alexander

Sometimes Alexander teaches for Luigi, and he's not just another pretty face. He's also written a show based on Liberace. Anyone listening?

Myrna, Molly, Penny, Francis and Eva

More birthday cake! Afterwards, Francis took us to lunch at Peter's on Columbus Ave. They also made a beautiful cake for Luigi. Off of our diets are, Myrna, Molly, Penny, Francis and Eva.

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