Debbie Reynolds

July 15, 2006, the Hollywood Collectors Show. Here's a secret, I always wanted to do the roles Debbie Reynolds did, like "Singing in the Rain".

Monica Lewis Lang

Love that dreamy voice of Monica Lewis Lang.

Kevin Spirtas

Handsome and a triple threat, Kevin Spirtas ("Days of Our Lives") also covered Hugh Jackman on Broadway in "Boy from Oz".

Kathy Garver

Always adorable, Kathy Garver.

Steve Stevens

Steve Stevens was agent to our beloved James "Scotty" Doohan.

Carol Lynley

Cuddly Carol Lynley.

Kevin McCarthy

Help! It's the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" !!

Kevin McCarthy

"Oh it's only you Luna", sighs Kevin McCarthy.

Fred Dryer

Fred Dryer, from a hunky football player to a hunky actor.

Steven Williams

Fun renewing old times with Steven Williams.

Herb Jefferson and Marc Singer

With Herb "Battlestar Galactica" Jefferson, Jr. and "Beastmaster" Marc Singer.

Buddy Bregman

While visiting the collectors show, Buddy Bregman joined my usual luncheon group, webdesigners Russ and Mary Spooner and travel gal Kathy Gregory at the Grill.

Mary Spooner

Here I am with my adorable webmistress, Mary Spooner.

Russ Spooner

Here I am with my webmaster, Russ Spooner.

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