Marlena Moreau, action figure from Diamond Toys

Comic-Con, July, 2006. Action figure made by Diamond Toys of my character Marlena
from Classic Star Trek's "Mirror Mirror". Had loads of fun autographing her! Cool huh?

With Sam Jones and Richard Hatch

Also enjoying Comi-con, Sam "Flash Gordon" Jones and Richard "Battlestar Galactica" Hatch. (double whamy).

With Donna Soldano and Natasha Eloi

Surrounding Marlena with me are Donna Soldano, VP with Art Asylum and Natasha Eloi with Chum TV. Two very cool ladies!

Jimmy and I

Jimmy and I sitting for a sec. It was only 105 degrees!

Room with a view

Evening view from my room (Hilton Gas Lamp) of the Convention center where Comi-con is held.

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