With Sterling Shane

February 26, 2006, fan Sterling Shane at the Gypsy Awards enjoying the celeb walk in the Hilton Hotel lobby.

Ralph Mayo

In the Hilton Hotel lobby prior to Gypsy Awards Ralph Mayo brought photo of me with Mary Martin and Michael DeLeon from Broadway's "South Pacific". What would we do without these fans?

With Ralph, Eileen Koslik and Carla Riggleman

Ralph with Eileen Koslik and Carla Riggleman who are also adding to their autograph collection at Joni Berry's Gypsy Awards (PDS).

With young fan

He might be the youngest fan at the Gypsy awards but I fell in love!

With fan Valerie Anderson

Gypsy Award fan Valarie Anderson having a great time!

Carla Riggleman

With Carla Riggleman.

From South Pacific

Photo from "South Pacific", courtesy of Ralph Mayo.

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