With Bob May

August, 2005. With Bob May ("Lost in Space") at Mickey Sinardi's Showstopper Convention.

With John Saxon

Me and John Saxon reminiscing over our remake of "Winchester '73".

With Yvette Vickers

Fun seeing Yvette Vickers.

With Leonard Stone

Sweet Leonard Stone.

With Vernon Wells

With Vernon Wells, "Wez" in "Mad Max 2", aka "The Road Warrior".

With Virginia Hey

Beautiful Virginia Hey from "Farscape".

Me and Lassie

My favorite star, Lassie.

France Nuyen and Lassie

France Nuyen loves Lassie too.

Me and Lassie

Lassie's here twice cause he kissed me.

Doghouse hat

Speaking of dogs, a few years ago I sold raffle tickets at the "Animal Haven Event" which is why I am wearing a doghouse on my head!! Special thanks to Eriq Gregg, my hairdresser in N Y for making the doghouse and event producer Pat Sellers. Photograph by Robin Platzer.

Me and Jimmy

Jimmy and I on the way to Hugh Hefner's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" party.

David Dortort

Producer David Dortort speaking at "The High Chaparral" Reunion as his wife Rose looks on adoringly.

High Chaparral reunion

Also sharing in the reunion, Morgan Woodward, me, stuntman Jack Williams and Warren Stevens.

With Malachi Throne

And Malachi Throne.

High Chaparral reunion

Producer Kent McCray surrounded by High Chaparral star (left) Bob Hoy, Greg Walcott in back, me, Morgan Woodward, Wallace Johnson, cameraman on HC and also on Little House, and stuntman Jack Williams.

High Chaparral reunion

Back row under hat, High Chaparral star Don Collier, Maria Gomez, Warren Stevens and Malachi Throne.

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