James Doohan Memorial Service

With Eric and Tommy Doohan at the James Doohan Memorial Service. Aug 21, 2005 at The Magic Castle.

James Doohan Memorial Service

France Nuyen, Doohan twins Chris and Jimmy Jr., beautiful Nichelle Nichols and moi.

Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig

We love yakking with Walter Koenig.

Nichelle Nichols

I always love yakking with Nichelle Nichols.

George Takei spoke eloquently

With France Nuyen and George Takei. As always, George spoke eloquently.

With James Doohan Jr.

Jimmy Jr. looks so much like his dad.

Me and Francine York

Ray Courts Hollywood Collectors Show, July 30 2005. Actress Francine York and me.

Mario Machado and Mako

Reporter Mario Machado and Mako. (1933-2006).

Joe Campanella, me and Mr. Malachi

Joe Campanella has known me since I was twelve. Also, Mr. Malachi, as I call him.

Bernie Kopell and me

Bernie Kopell gave me the good news about his new son!

With Dr. Fayard and wife Katherine

Dr. Fayard (1914-2006) of the famous Nicholas Brothers Dance Team and adorable wife Katherine.

With Richard, James and Stefania, Malachi and Mario

Richard Yniguez, newlyweds James Horan and Stefania, Malachi Throne and Mario Machado.

George Pennacchio

ABC Show biz commentator George Pennacchio.

Kathy, me, Kathy and Bonnie

Kathy Clements, me, our genius travel agent Kathy G (Travel Door) and dance expert Bonnie Brooks.

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