Stella Stevens, Deanna Lund and Gloria Allred

Stella Stevens, Deanna Lund and Gloria Allred.

With Carol Connors and Dionne Warwick

Carol Connors, Dionne Warwick and me at a Chrismas party at Dionne's home.

Mission Christmas Dinner

Los Angeles Mission Christmas dinner for the homeless. Earl Holliman, Buddy Hackett, Jack Carter and Steve Allen.

Mission Christmas Dinner

Jayne Meadows, unidentified person, Harrison Ford, Jeff Conway and Earl Holliman.

Mission Christmas Dinner

Harrison Ford, Jeff Conway, Earl Holliman, Jack Carter and me.

Luncheon with the girls.

Luncheon for visiting girlfriend Minda Lonsdale. Me, Terry Moore, Joyce Rush and Minda. April, 2005.


At the Four Seasons Hotel, rehearsing for an event. Owner, Beverly Cohen, to my right, let us use the cocktail lounge.

With Jon Lovitz

With Jon Lovitz. July 4th cruise.

John Philip Law and Julie Newmar

John Philip Law and Julie Newmar.

Me and one twin Jeff Rector

Me and one twin Jeff Rector.

With Charlie Callas

Me and Charlie Callas when we appeared at Ceasar's Palace in Atlantic City.

Special Olympics in Singapore

Special Olympics in Singapore.

Singapore family

Family in Singapore invited me into their home for dinner.

With Van Williams

With "The Green Hornet", Van Williams.

With Pat Sellers and Jeff Hyslop

With Pat "Godzilla" Sellers, Jeff Hyslop, and moi at the opening of "Kiss of the Spider Woman".

Terry Moore and son Grant Kramer

Terry Moore with writer/director son Grant Kramer.

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