Adam Stark and Jane Krakowski

"Adam Stark, who played my son on "Search for Tomorrow", with "Tony" winner Jane Krakowski.

With Cecile Just

With Cecile Just. We met on "One Life to Live". Scarf made by Chase & Buddy Burke, "Powerhouse in Hollywood". Photo by John Wilson.

Cecile Just and Michael Callan

"One Life to Live". Friends Michael Callan and Cecile Just, studio coordinator.

Jesse Vint and John Loprieno

"One Life to Live". Jesse Vint and John Loprieno.

With Robyn Strasser

"One Life to Live". Me and Robyn "Dorian" Strasser.

Pat Sellers and Robyn Strasser

Soap opera party. Pat Sellers and Robyn Strasser.

John Loprieno and Andrea Evans

Surprise birthday party for John Loprieno in make-up room at "One Life to Live". Also, Andrea Evans.

With Pat Sellers

Soap opera party. With beautiful friend, writer Pat Sellers. Photy by Sue Coflin.

Marcia Cross and Cynthia Vance

Marcia Cross, Cynthia Vance, and if anyone can tell me who the handsome one is, I'd sure appreciate it.

One Life to Live luncheon

When Jesse, John and I joined the cast of OLTL, Clint Ritchie hosted a luncheon. Jay (hairdresser), Jesse, Renata (make-up), me, John and Clint.

Tammy, Cynthia, Mark, Holly and Richard

"One Life to Live" cohorts Tammy, Cynthia, Mark, Holly and Richard.

Fiona Hutchinson and moi

Fiona Hutchinson and moi.

Andrea Evans and me

Andrea Evans, who plays my arch enemy.

At airport in Argentina

At airport in Argentina. As you can see, we're really buddies.

John Loprieno at Argentina remote

John "Cord" Loprieno at Argentina remote.

Another Luna Park

Another Luna Park, this one in Argentina.

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