With Patty Duke

April, 2014. Another autograph Hollywood Show hosted by promoter Dave Elkouby was fantastic! One of the many celebs attracting huge crowds was adorable Patty Duke. Her lines were out the door!

With Clu Gulager

Reminiscing with Clu Gulager was happy and sad. Our favorite topic was ex-husband Doug McClure.

With John Barrowman

Loved meeting the very charming John Barrowman. "Arrow" is one of my favorite shows!

With Cloris Leachman and daughter Dina

Cloris Leachman and daughter Dinah stop the show while doing their fun VOGUE poses during the fan photo-ops. Hilarious!!

Antoinette Bower posing with moi and our very loyal fan Albert Bonillar

Antoinette Bower from "Twilight Zone" and "Star Trek" TOS posing with moi and our very loyal fan, Albert Bonilla.

Dave Wilbur, my Jimmy and actor Anthony Tringali

These smiling guys are visiting pal Dave Wilbur, (he created my Special Edition Star Trek TOS Calendar), of course my Jimmy and actor Anthony Tringali.

My French look

Okay, here's my French look!

With Jimmy and Dave Elkouby

Promoter of the Hollywood Show, Dave Elkouby was given a fantastic 50th birthday bash by gorgeous wife Ester at the Russian restaurant PREMIER, and that it was. Food drinks and dancing 'til you dropped. Primo party. Wow!

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