CINECON 50 Classic Film Festival

August 31 2014 "The 60's kids" were honored by CINECON 50 Classic Film Festival for our contribution to film & TV. Film clips were shown at the Egyptian theatre followed by a Q&A. Our shows were selected by Bob Birchard & Stan Taffel. Awards were given to Diane McBain, Francine York, me and H. M. Wynant.

With H.M. Wynant and his wife Paula

H.M. and I worked on Broadway in "Teahouse of the August Moon". Adorable wife Paula is his biggest fan!

Stan Taffel conducted the Q&A

The always humorous Stan Taffel conducted the Q&A.

Of course my Jimmy was at my side

Of course my Jimmy was at my side.

The Hollywood Loews Hotel lobby

The Cinecon banquet was held at The Hollywood Loews Hotel. This is the lobby where I waited to greet my guests. Beautiful earrings and dress by designer Trang Phung/SEN Couture.

Gal pal writer Josie Powell

Gal pal writer Josie Powell.

With Robert Loggia and wife Audrey, Dorothy Duder and husband Doug Drexler

My wonderfully fun, silly, supportive and loving friends, brilliant actor Bob Loggia and sensational wife Audrey, kitchen goddess Dorothy Duder and Oscar Emmy winner husband Doug Drexler.

Thanking my parents

I always have to thank my parents for giving me a face that afforded me the opportunity to portray so many different ethnicities. I'm always asked., "what are you anyway?"

With Bob Birchard

CINECON 50 Classic Film Festival President Bob Birchard did a grand job of putting together a great event.

With Ruta Lee

Also honored with a Career Achievement Award is the one and only, always smashingly dressed, my hero, Ruta Lee.

One of the many celebrities attending was Monte Markham

One of the many celebrities attending was Monte Markham.

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