Captain Celluloid hugs his Uncle Arty

October 16, 2010, the Captain Celluloid Convention was held at the Midtown Holiday Inn in NYC. Promoter Terry Soto, aka Captain Celluloid, proudly hugs his Uncle Arty.

With Beverly Washburn

Captain Celluloid welcoming me and another Trek babe, adorable Beverly Washburn.

Jon Provost and wife Laurie Jacobson

Terry also welcomed Jon "Lassie" Provost and multi-talented wife, Laurie Jacobson, known historian.

Larry Storch

And who doesn't want to shake hands with funny man Larry Storch?

Superman Danny Kelley and Rex Reason

Handsome Rex Reason was happy to be welcomed by Superman himself, Danny Kelley.

Superman with Rex Reason's daughter, Melody

As was Rex's daughter, Melody. How great to have a chiropractor in the family!

How could we not feel safe?

How could we not feel safe?

With Supergirl and Geri Reischl

We also had Supergirl, Danny's wife Kara, watching over me and Geri "The Brady Bunch" Reischl.

Bob Greenberg aka Jackie Gleason

Not only safe, but entertained by funny guy, Bob Greenberg, aka Jackie Gleason.

Belly dancer Aisha

More entertainment by beautiful belly dancer Aisha. What a wonderful host Terry is. This event was a party!

Special cake

We even had a special cake. (Photo by Steve Friedman).

With Lee Aaker

Also enjoying the party was Lee "Rin Tin Tin" Aaker.

Billy Gray

And "Father Knows Best" star, Billy Gray.

Will Hutchins and wife Babs

Cutie pie Will "Sugarfoot" Hutchins and wife "Babs", Barbara Torres. (Photo by Steve Friedman).


Uh oh, looks like Captain Celluloid caught Spiderman trying to sneak in! (Photo by Steve Friedman).

With Roger Mobley

What a nostalgic weekend it was. How thrilling to appear with Roger Mobley. We hadn't seen each other since filming "Dime With a Halo" in which he played my baby brother. I recognized his soulful blue eyes immediately!

Roger Mobley and Conrad Brooks

Roger and producer, writer, actor Conrad Brooks. You must also remember Roger as Packy on "Fury".

With Robert Cortazal

Equally exciting was seeing Robert Cortazal. We hadn't seen each other since we were children on Broadway.

The King and I

In "The King and I". (Me, Bunny Warner and Robert).

Me and Robert

And "South Pacific".

With Allan and Arlene Asherman

What a great surprise when I looked up and saw visitors Allan and Arlene Asherman from DC Comics. We met last year through Doug Drexler.

With Larry Ellis and Debbie

I Iove getting into NYC and seeing long-time friends like singer Larry Ellis with gal pal Debbie.

With Buddy Mantia

My best buddy in NYC, writer, actor, comedian Buddy Mantia. (Photo by Steve Friedman).

With Joe Franklin

Another visitor was Captain Celluloid's pal, legendry talk show host, sweet Joe Franklin.

Cecile and Cody

Cecile and Cody are my wonderful host and hostess while in NYC.

We're in love

We're in love.

Me and Robert

I pointed the camera at Cody and he sat up and smiled...I was stunned!

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