Deana Martin and hubby John Griffeth

November 9, 2010. Deana Martin performed at Catalina Jazz Club. Handsome hubby John Griffeth beaming after her very successful performance. She sure brings fun and nostalgia to the stage by singing daddy Dean's hits and telling great stories about the "Rat Pack".

Helen Grayco and Bob Bernard

Friends applauding her are singer Helen Grayco and fiance Bob Bernard.

Spike Jones Jr and Glenna

Helen's son Spike Jones Jr. with fiancée Glenna.

Ed Lauter

Ed Lauter not only enjoyed watching, he joined Deana in a duet.

A.C. Lyles and Jimmy

Legendary Paramount producer A. C. Lyles and my Jimmy (Ferro Chandeliers) having a chat.

With Deana

I felt like a proud mom watching Deana perform.

With John

Meeting Deana's hubby John was fun.

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