Catalina Jazz Club

Catalina Jazz Club, August 27, 2010.

The banner

This is how Frankie's name was spelled in the Los Angeles Times. He said if people came to see him here based on the ad, he didn't want to disappoint them, so he had this banner made.

With Frank, Helen Grayco and Bob Bernard

Frank, me, singer Helen Grayco and fiancé, Thalian executive Bob Bernard. We all loved Mr. Siantra's show. He's singing better than ever.

Frank and Jimmy

Mr. Siantra and Jimmy "Ferro" C.

Joey Heatherton

Fun renewing old times with Joey Heatherton.

With Robert Davi

Frank introduced actor Robert Davi as a "really bad guy", only on film of course!

With Marvin Page

September 5, 2010. We've been friends ever since Marvin Page cast me in the sweet film, "Dime With a Halo". Many of his actor and actress friends join him at Cinecon.

With Barbara Rush

Like the ever beautiful Barbara Rush.

With Francine York

Francine York tells me she puts on makeup even to go market shopping, I totally understand!

With adorable Kathy Garver

Adorable Kathy "Family Affair" Garver.

With Joanna Ray

Love catching up with casting gal Joanna Ray.

With Michelle Lee

The fabulous Michelle Lee presented an award to actor Don Murray.

With HM Wynant and wife Paula

H.M. Wynant and I worked together on Broadway in "Teahouse of the August Moon". Now he's married to beautiful Paula and they have 10 year old daughter Pasha.

With Michael Schlesinger and Will Ryan

Producer Michael Schlesinger introduced me to his old pal Will Ryan.

With Marsha Hunt, Anne Jeffreys and Ann Rutherford

How joyous to be in this line up of such legendary ladies. Marsha Hunt, Anne Jeffreys and Ann Rutherford. Wow!

With Jimmy and Ross Fraser

Jimmy and I also enjoyed meeting Ross "Feeding America" Fraser, who flew out from Chicago.

Another new friend, Sal Favia.

Another new friend, Sal Favia.

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