Peter Mac as Judy Garland

September 11, 2010. Judy Garland or Peter Mac? Actually, he's also Liza. Seeing Peter at Tom Rolla's Gardenia Supper Club in Hollywood is a must!

With Peter Mac and Sammy Williams

While Judy was changing into Liza, Sammy "A Chorus Line" Williams took the mic and entertained us with his very sweet golden tones.

Stefanie Powers and friends

September 19th. Stefanie Powers held a fundraiser for her William Holden Wild Life Foundation at the Catalina Jazz Club. She is quite the chanteuse! Some of her biggest fans that came to see her new nightclub act are George Chakiris, Rita Hyde, Walter Painter and wife Charlene, Teri Beckerman, Joe Tremaine and moi.


Stef's assistant Jackie did a great job in organizing the evening.

Irene Tsu with her guy Arthur J. Wankel, CPA

Also attending, old friend Irene Tsu with her guy Arthur J. Wankel, CPA.

Mara New and Patricia

Actress Mara New and psychic sister-in-law, Patricia.

Stef's friend Klein

Stef's friend Klein.

Joey Heatherton

Stef's arranger/conductor Mary Ekler between two fab choreographers, Walter Painter and Joe Tremaine.

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