Beautiful blue skies

June, 2010. When we arrived in Riverside, Iowa from Los Angeles for the TREKFEST Con, we were greeted by these beautiful blue skies.

No coughing birds

I didn't hear any coughing birds!

Stretch limousine

This stretch, donated by Classic Thunder Limousine, was waiting for Walter and me at the airport.

Carol Riggans and husband Scotty

Fab TREKFEST President Carol Riggans and husband Scotty, stopped the limo to show us something very special.

With Herb Kane

Joining us in the treat is TREKFEST partner, the very entrepreneurial, Herb Kane.

Assistant Ron Warren

And also sharing the moment was my very diligent assistant for the weekend, adorable Ron Warren.

My Captain's sign

Voila! My Captain's sign.

With Walter Koenig

How appropriate for Walter "Chekov" Koenig to feel so proud.

With museum Vice President, Phil Richman

Next stop was the Star Trek Riverside Museum with Vice President of the Museum, Phil Richman. They have run out of room and are planning a larger space!

Me, Walter and Carol

The next morning, me, Walter and promoter Carol were in the parade. Wow, what a celebration. TREKFEST even supplied lollipops that we tossed to the children.

Me and Walter judging the contest

Walter and I had so much fun judging the "Mirror Mirror" costume contest.

The Klingons

Walter jokingly asked the Klingons to sing their National Anthem and when they did, Walter was stunned!

First place winners

First place winners. (My lace top is from Ceté Boutique, located at the beautiful Riverside Casino & Golf Resort where we stayed during the event.)

All of the winners

All of the winners.

With James from Local 214

James from Local 214. I always feel safer when security, police and firemen are around!

With beautiful Brianne

In the autograph room, I met Ms. Iowa, beautiful Brianne.

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