Being interviewed

Radio talk show, hosted by Lou Costanzo, (loutrekshow.com) was also a Klingon winner.

With Paul McCracken

Paul McCracken helps everywhere at this event. He sure was busy, as was his wife Wendee.

With costume winner Ken McCracken

Costume winner Ken McCracken is Vice President for RACC. (Riverside Area Community Club.)

With Kevin C. Neece and family

Writer, Speaker, Actor, Filmmaker, Adjunct Professor at Dallas Baptist University, Kevin C. Neece with wife Melissa and baby Aiden. Think Kevin qualifies for something?!

With Travis Riggans

After my Q&A, Travis Riggans, handsome son of Carol and Scotty, presented us with these plaques. While he was working on a project for the Boy Scouts, he wasn't able to use the phrase, "Beam me up Scotty", so how's this for a solution, "Beam me up Scouty". Genius!

With Carol

TREKFEST has many rituals that are yummy for the tummy. After dinner, we drove to Green Street Sweets ice cream shoppe and visited with Carol.

Owner Mike Meinders

And the owner, Mike Meinders. Truly "sweet" folks.

Signing my name

It was a must that I add my name to their wall next to Nichelle "Uhura" Nichols.

With Jerry Murphy

Jerry Murphy, owner of Murphy's Bar & Grill, not just famous for their food but...

Yup, right there!

This is the spot where my Captain, James T. Kirk, was conceived. YUP, right there!

My last night with the Riggans

My last delicious buffet dinner with the Riggans. It was like being with family, but it's a good thing this was my last night. Too much chocolate cream pie.

Family owned bakery

Oh no! The final ritual on the way to the airport was another yummy for the tummy. OMG, about this family owned bakery.....

Erin and Sam

Here are Erin and Sam preparing their homemade pies.

Josh peeling the apples

And Josh peeling the apples.


Carol, Scotty and I took one and ate it at the airport while awaiting my flight. It's a good thing passengers don't have to weigh in upon leaving. It would have cost me a fortune. I definitely weighed less when I arrived in Iowa!!!

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