Greeted by Ted Chapin and Andre Bishop

April 1, 2009. At the theater for the matinee of "South Pacific". We were greeted by the President of the Rogers & Hammerstein Organization, Ted Chapin. Andre Bishop is Artistic Director of the Lincoln Center Theater.

Given name tags

We were given name tags.

Carol Cornacelli and Philip Rinaldi

Carol Cornacelli from the R & H Organization, who was in charge of making all the arrangements, gave us leis that were actually flown in from Hawaii. Aloha! Philip Rinaldi, press representative for Lincoln Center Theater, was also our MC for the Q&A at Barnes & Noble.

With Bert Fink

Publicity wonder for R & H, Bert Fink, also organizer for the event along with Carol.

With Philip Caggiano

Philip Caggiano, colleague of the R&H office, was so helpful during the 50th as well as the 60th Anniversary commemorations.

With Jose

Jose and I were just so happy!

Ticket prices

OMG! When "South Pacific" originally opened on Broadway, tickets were $ 9.50-12.00!

Giggling with Cecile and Jimmy

Cecile giving Jimmy and I a giggle as she points to the theatre ticket price list.

Richard Rodgers' daughter Mary

Mary Rogers, the daughter of Richard.

Original Seabees, Steve Roland and Pete Kelly

Original Seabees, Steve Roland and Pete Kelly.

Original nurses

Original nurses Leigh Allen Raben, Bernice Saunders, moi, original Ngana, and Liat replacement Irma Sandre.

Bernard Gersten

Bernard Gersten, Executive Producer of Lincoln Center Theater.

With Andrew Samonsky

Andrew Samonsky portrays Lt. Cable and as Bloody Mary says, "He Damn Saxy man!"

With Danny Burstein

A highlight in the show, Danny Burstein as Luther Billis.

Laura Osnes hugs Iva Withers

Laura Osnes, as Nellie Forbush, hugs Iva Withers, who also portrayed Nellie on tour.

With Loretta Ables Sayre

Tony Award nominee Loretta Ables Sayre for her portrayal of Bloody Mary.

Costumer Mark Klein

Costumer Mark Klein.

With David Pittsinger

David Pittsinger's accent as Emile de Becque was so perfect that I was astonished when he spoke without one. You will cry throughout the show, but especially when he sings "This Nearly was Mine". I did.

Collecting autographs

We had so much fun collecting each other's autographs.

With Laurissa

Especially when I got Laurissa's.

Brought together on stage

After seeing the matinee performance, we were brought together on stage. Luka Kain (Jerome), Kimber Monroe (cover for Ngana), Laurissa Romain (Ngana), Jose Perez, Michael and Noel deLeon and moi.

Dorothy and Jimmy

Dorothy and Jimmy admiring all of us from the audience at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre.

Original and new cast members

Original cast members join present cast starring David Pittsinger (Emile) and Laura Osnes (Nellie) on stage for the 60th Anniversary.

Anniversary dinner

On the way to our special anniversary dinner at O'Neal's, it was raining. Good thing Cecile had her cap for me! Check out the sunglasses... Yup, I live in Hollywood.

Irving Salem

Loved speaking with Irving Salem who was attending in honor of his beautiful wife Pat Northrop who passed away two years ago. She was one of the original Seabees.

With Inara

Michael and Noel deLeon's sister Inara and I finally met. She was only one when her brothers were working!

With Pete Kelly

When Pete Kelly was leaving, we were saying, "see you at the next anniversary".

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