Dorothy and Doug Drexler

As you've gathered by now, award winning Doug Drexler assumed the role of my personal papparazzi. It was so special having him and Dorothy share in the "South Pacific" festivities. Now it's time to join in their fun.

At the Carnegie Deli

The next morning they took us to the Carnegie Deli. Cantcha just smell the pastrami and eggs?

With Tom and puppy

We did have to make a stop at the Krasney Agency in the Brill building to see Tom and smiling puppy.

With Lynne Jebens

Dynamo NY agent Lynne Jebens landed me the test on "One Life to Live". Remember that bitch Maria Roberts everyone loved to hate?

The gang at The Irish Pub

Then for lunch, D&D took us to meet up with the third D, Doug's twin sis Denise, along with buddies Fred Zeller and Dr. Mitch Green at The Irish Pub.

Denise, moi and Dorothy

Denise, moi and Dorothy.

With Doug and Dr. Mitch Green

Doug, moi, and Dr. Mitch, who is a chiropractor. He and Doug have been friends since age twelve and were both "Star Trek" fans back then!

Dashing to NBC

April 2, 2009. This was a very busy day! After lunching at the pub, we dashed to catch Fred working at NBC. D&D racing at a fast pace.

Doug and Fred

Fred was the Audio Engineer for Conan O'Brien. He now works with Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy and Fred

Jimmy and Fred.

Fred is a Star Trek fan

Turns out that Fred is also a "Star Trek" fan and was very happy to meet Marlena Moreau!

Doug with friend Allan Asherman

From NBC, we again made a quick dash over to visit another of Doug's old friends, Allan Asherman, who is the Print Librarian and Archivist at DC Comics. Allan and Doug hadn't seen each other in 30 years. Both married in the interim. Arlene, DC's Proof Reader, and Dorothy.

Allan on the phone with Malachi Throne

You'll never guess who Allan's talking to; TOS compadre Malachi Throne. We had reason to call him.

Arlene, Dorothy and Jimmy

Now Arlene is talking to Malachi. Dorothy and Jimmy waiting their turn.

Doug and Dorothy

Jimmy and I both feel so blessed to have D&D in our lives.

Whos' the babe?

Holy cow, who's the babe? A movie star perhaps?

The Joey Reynolds Show

After dining at Le Veau d'Or, it was back at The Joey Reynolds Show to talk about the aftermath of South Pacific's Anniversary.

Doug and Dorothy

Only this time D&D were also guests, which is only fitting for his Oscar-winning makeup on "Dick Tracy" and an Emmy two years in a row for the recent "Battlestar Galactica"... and...this just in.... looks like Dorothy is going to be producing a show, but mum's the word!

Dorothy and Doug

Joey Reynolds suggested we go to the best restaurant in Little Italy, so the next night we went to La Mela.

We had such a delicious time

We had such a delicious time.

A special dessert

Joey ordered us a special dessert. Love family-style food. What a perfect way to end our trip.

Benny our waiter

Not only is the food yummy, Benny our waiter gave us great service.

With Joey Reynolds

If you listen to The Joey Reynolds Radio Show, you know how expressive he is!

With Frankie P

After dinner, we tracked down La Mela's owner Frankie P across the street at Bugsy Segal's famous cigar store hangout.

Heeere's Frankie!

Heeere's Frankie! Thhhhh... thhhhh... thhhh that's all folks!

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