Hotel Lucerne

March 31, 2009. The 60th anniversary of "South Pacific". We all stayed at the highly recommended Hotel Lucerne and loved it! (Photos by Doug Drexler).

Dorothy Duder, Jimmy and moi

Dorothy Duder, Jimmy and moi.

The first day of celebration

The first day of celebration. Leaving the hotel to meet Mitzi Gaynor for a "South Pacific" Q&A. Love the sun reflection captured by Doug Drexler.

With Steven Sorrtentino

Q&A was held at Barnes & Noble in NYC. Director of special events there is Steven Sorrtentino.

With Mitzi Gaynor

Mitzi Gaynor, who starred in the film version of "South Pacific", was publicizing the new DVD which is now out on Blue-Ray.

With Michae and Noel deLeon and Jackie Fischer

Michael and Noel deLeon were the other two original children in the role of my brother Jerome. Before today, we hadn't seen each other since childhood. Jackie Fischer was one of the original nurses.

With Mitzi and Jose Perez

How thrilling to appear at Barnes & Noble with Mitzi and Jose Perez, who replaced the deLeon boys.

With Mitzi and Dorothy

What a great combination. Mitzi is the funniest lady and Dorothy Duder Drexler is the best cook. What's better than laughing and eating!

The current production is also celebrating their one year anniversary

The current production is also celebrating their one year anniversary. Tony Award nominee Loretta Ables Sayre for her portrayal of Bloody Mary, thrilled the crowd with her rendition of "Happy Talk".

Mitzi played Nellie Forbush

In the film version, Mitzi played Nellie Forbush which was created on Broadway by Mary Martin.

With Connie Fisher

Connie Fisher created the role of Maria in the 2006-9 production of "The Sound of Music", co-produced by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber in London. Connie's going out on a UK tour this summer.

With Cecile

Cecile was the studio coordinator on "One Life to Live" and I played Maria Roberts, one of those bitches you love to hate!

Andrew Klyde with Nyaguthie Ngetha and Doug Drexler

Andrew Klyde, Esq., with Nyaguthie Ngetha, who is a Human Resources Specialist with the UN, and Oscar & Emmy winner Doug Drexler, sharing in the fun.

Buddy Mantia, moi and Nyaguthie

Comic, writer/producer and my buddy, Buddy Mantia, moi and Nyaguthie.

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