With friends Spence Ross and wife Pat Sellers

Our friends Spence Ross (Knicks announcer) and beautiful wife Pat Sellers took us to Monday Night Magic at the Bleeker Street theatre, and that it was, magical!

With magician Peter Samelson

Magician Peter Samelson is so very impressive.

With Michael Chaut

Michael Chaut runs the whole show and has tricks I've never seen, not even here at the Magic Castle. I signed a card and...

My card stuck to the ceiling

when Michael tossed the deck up in the air, how come my card was the only one that stuck to the ceiling??? It's magic!

With Alex

Alex was a special guest this night. He was in NYC with Barnum & Bailey who have apparently incorporated magic into their show, and Alex is sensational.

With Simon Lovell

Also attending the show was another slight of hand expert, Simon Lovell, who just happened to be a Star Trek fan.

With Shawn Ryan

Went to see Shawn Ryan at the Metropolitan Room. He isn't just extremely entertaining, he's the most lovable performer I've ever seen in a club, and I've seen many.

With Shaynee, Terese and Penny

Also in the audience were entertainer friends Shaynee Rainbolt, Terese Genecco and publicist Penny Landau.

Entertainer Gretchen Reinhagen and friend

Entertainer Gretchen Reinhagen also loves Shawn, as does her smiling friend.

Laurie Krauz and Penny

I just missed seeing entertainer Laurie Krauz in NYC, but she'll soon be at the Catalina Bar & Grille in Hollywood. Publicist Penny always cheering on Shawn.

Greg at Sirius/XM Radio

Greg greeted Penny and I at the door of Sirius/XM Radio.

DJ Frank DeCaro

Sure had a heap of fun talking about the anniversary of "South Pacific" with DJ Frank DeCaro. (Notice publicist Penny Landau in the backround).

With Frank DeCaro
Frank certainly does his homework. He practically new my entire career!

With Joey Reynolds

I'm not in NYC unless I'm guesting on The Joey Reynolds Show at WOR. He always welcomes me with open arms, although he accuses me of being there just to check my email!

With film makers

On the way in, I met these two cuties who are film makers. They also happen to be Star Trek fans big time. Loved chatting with them about "Mirror, Mirror".

With Cody and Cecile

I finally got to meet Cody, my girlfriend Cecile's new golden retriever. It was love at first sight.

Cody and Jimmy

How come Jimmy and Cody have the same expression?

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