Cast and crew members

March, 2009. Attending Naruto Trek in Ft. Lauderdale was so delightful. Hard to believe it was only their second year because it is growing so rapidly. Due to promoter (seated) Ray Tesi's tremendous care, next year should be even more exciting! Included are the Star Trek Phase II guys: Charles Root, James Cawley, Bobby Rice, TOS star Walter Koenig, actress Christina Moses, Morgan Sheppard, moi and Patrick Bell.

Bobby, James and Patrick

Bobby Rice, the internet's "Blood and Fire", James Cawley, creator of Star Trek Phase II, Patrick Bell is Senior Production Assistant for New Voyages/Phase II and also portrays Lt. Xon.

James and Morgan

James and Morgan.

James Cawley and Walter Koenig

Fun to see James, the internet's Captain Kirk & TOS star Walter Koenig together. Walter also guest starred in New Voyages: “To Serve All My Days”.

Brian, Charles and Amanda

Many of the cast and crew members of the web series attended, like Brian Holloway, Pyrotechnics Supervisor and Special Effects Makeup, Charles Root "Scotty" in New Voyages/Phase II with wife Amanda.

Deniz Cordell

And Deniz Cordell, Music Director, who is also a terrifically funny entertainer.

E. Robert Dunn

E. Robert Dunn has his own science fiction thriller series entitled "Echelon’s End" and was a contributing writer to the online Star Trek: Odyssey’s season one finale webisode.

Sandy Thorpe

This is Sandy Thorpe. What a Trekker!

Bobby Rice and Mark Strock

Notice the poster between Bobby Rice and Mark Strock? That is Bobby, soon to be seen in "The Return of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" on the internet. Hats off to Cawley Entertainment.

Christina Moses

Beautiful Christina, who played George Takei's daughter in "World Enough and Time".

Christina Moses and Marc Scott Zicree

Which was written and directed by Marc Scott Zicree.

Christina and Raymond Tesi

Promoter Ray Tesi's dad Raymond helped out wherever he could. Such a sweet family.


Love Sandy's (Ferengi) makeup!

With the LIS robot

Rick Newman was kind enough to display the well known Lost in Space robot. When Rick asked if I'd pose with it, I was honored!

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