With friends Jay and Miriam Gerber

Friends Jay and Miriam Gerber picked me up at San Francisco airport then on to a delicious lunch at Garabaldi's Restaurant.

With Cathy Wilbur and Michael Williams

Wondercon 2009. Visiting friends, beautiful Cathy Wilbur and owner of the fab Medium Rare CD store, Michael Williams.

At Wondercon

Wondercon's best year yet. Hard to believe there were more people than last year!

With J. R.

Great Wondercon volunteer J. R. always there to help. What a guy!

Russell Cordell

Devoted fan and friend, Russell Cordell.

With fans

Cute fans. George Zepeda, Randall Aton, Roby Herrera, Ismail Zepeda, Justin Yuen and Jumar Calaunan.

Meet Jesse Luna

Meet Jesse Luna. A relative? Who knows?!

Me and Jimmy

Me and Jimmy celebrating my birthday dinner with friends at the sensational Joss Restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Me and Lisa

Joining us are my sister Lisa.

With Malachi Throne

TOS actor Malachi "The Menagerie" Throne...

Marjorie Throne

...and his wife Marjorie.

With Nora Garcia Farr

Nora Garcia Farr...

With Gary Farr

...and her husband Gary.

Dim Sum appetizer

MMMMM... Dim Sum appetizer. So yummy.


Marjorie and I love to go duck hunting!

With Jimmy

And so the birthday continues the next evening. The food was so great.

Mike and Diana Forest

Same place different cast! Press agent Diana Hale and hubby TOS actor Michael "Apollo" Forest.

Mike and Erika

Michael and my beautiful neighbor Erika.

How much do I love Peking duck!

How much do I love Peking duck!

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