Valentine's Day lunch

The Hollywood Show happened to fall on Valentines Day! Before invading the autograph room, all of us sweethearts gathered for lunch in the Daily Grill at the Marriott Hotel. My sweetheart Jimmy, animé star Vic Mignona with beautiful sweetheart actress Michele Specht, my webmaster sweetheart Russ Spooner, Shore Leave Promoter and AJW agent sweetheart Kett Kettering, moi and my sweetheart webmistress Mary Spooner.

With Vic and Michele

Vic and I met while working on "Enemy Starfleet", a segment of the Internet's Star Trek: Phase II, previously "New Voyages". It was fun meeting his sweetheart Michele after hearing so much about her.

With Gloria Hendry

New Thalian member volunteering her time at the Thalians memorabila table is James Bond gal, beautiful Gloria Hendry from "Live and Let Die". Her smile alone lights up the table!

With Gloria and Kathy Clements

Gloria with Thalian memorabilia Coordinator Kathy Clements and moi, Celebrity Coordinator also for The Thalians.

With Beau Bridges

I love visiting with actors I've worked with. Gave me a chance to thank Beau Bridges for his very effective and recent performance on "Desperate Housewives".

With Marilyn Hassett

Hooray for Marilyn "The Other Side of the Mountain" Hassett. This was her first participation at a convention. The fans love her!

Mary with Beau Bridges

Mary's a big Beau Bridges fan too. I'll betcha she's the prettiest webmistress around!

Vic and Michele

The beautiful couple award goes to..... Vic and Michele!

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