With dynamite singer Terese Genecco

Finally caught up with dynamite singer Terese Genecco and her little big band at M Bar.

With Jack Costanza

And how joyful to see legendary Jack "Mr. Bongo" Costanza playing along with the little big band harder and better than ever!

Surprise added attraction was Shawn Ryan

Surprise added attraction was delightful performer Shawn Ryan. What a fun and entertaining evening.

Bill Henderson loved seeing his old buddy Malachi Throne

Known in the jazz world as a singer's singer, Bill Henderson loved seeing his old buddy Malachi Throne singing at the Victory Theatre in "My Old Friends". Bill was impressed, as was I. Didn't know my fellow Trekker was such a superb singer!

Betsy Randle and Tom Ormeny

Co-stars Betsy Randle is best known as the mom on "Boy Meets World". Her leading man Tom Ormeny built the Victory Theatre in 1979 and is artistic co- director.

Ryosuke Habarra and Pat Hodges

Visiting student from Japan, Ryosuke Habarra loved meeting all of the cast members. Pat Hodges, formerly the lead singer of legendary 70's soul group, Hodges, James and Smith, lights up the stage with her solos.

Ryosuke, Ruben Rabasa, and Jimmy

Ryosuke meets another cast member Ruben Rabasa who portrays a mambo teacher with great flair and fun. Of course you know Jimmy! (Ferro Chandeliers).

Ryosuke, Narumi and Saori

Ryosuke, Narumi and Saori, Japanese student friends, preparing to cook sukiyaki dinner, my favorite.



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