WIth Paul Ryan

October 4, 2008. The Miss Playmate Princess Pageant. For a fun night of giggles, head over to ACME Theater in Hollywood to see Paul Ryan's spoof on beauty pageants.

Vying for the Miss Playmate Princess title

These beauties were vying for the Miss Playmate Princess title. Elizabeth Gran, Isobelle Giroux, Kathy Jacobs, Gabriella Gutierrez, Stephanie Simbari, Nicole Day, Hannah Juurakko, moi and choreographer Menina Fortunato.

With Debra Skelton and gossip columnist Billy Masters

Celebrity judges were International comedy favorite Debra Skelton, moi and Hollywood's gossip columnist Billy Masters.

With runner up Hanna Juurrakko

Runner up Hanna Juurrakko as Sweedish contestant Inga Carina Svensson.

With winner Kathy Jacobs

An the winner is ... Kathy Jacobs as contestant Holly Martin singing "9 to 5" !

With Sprinkles Singh

For our entertainment, a specialty number was danced by Sprinkles Singh.

Publicist Richard Gordon lending support

Publicist Richard Gordon lending support and some funny ideas.

With the Spooners and Steve Stevens

October 4, 2008, the Hollywood Collectors Show. Lunch at the Daily Grill with the Spooners and Steve Stevens. Steve wrote a book about his association with mobster Mickey Cohen. It's called "King of the Sunset Strip".

Webmistress Mary and Mickey Dolenz

My webmistress Mary, sporting a cute new do, visiting cutie pie Mickey Dolenz.

Mary with Noel Neill and author Larry Ward

Making the rounds, Mary caught up with adorable Noel "Lois Lane" Neill and author Larry Ward.

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