With Mary and Russ Spooner

April 26, 2008. Before invading the Ray Courts Show's autograph room at the Burbank Marriott, I love meeting my web mistress and web master Mary & Russ Spooner for lunch at the Daily Grill.

With Patty Duke

Patty Duke had lines around the room and rightfully so. Patty was the youngest Oscar winner (at that time) to win two Emmys and is also known for her writing and lectures on mental health.

With Patty Duke and her husband, Kathy G and Kathy Clements

Joining me on our autograph hunt is dynamo travel agent Kathy G, and on my left is fellow Thalian Kathy Clements. Patty's smiling handsome hubby is ex-drill sergeant Michael Pearce.

With Dom DeLuise

How fun to hear so much laughter from the fans as they get an autograph from Dom DeLuise.

With Michael DeLuise

I love Michael DeLuise too. Watch for his soon to be released films, "Circle" & "Patsy".

With Gary Lockwood

Gary "2001 Space Odyssey" Lockwood isn't just a fellow Trekker, he's also one of my old poker buddies!

With Barbara Parkins

The ever beautiful Barbara Parkins is still a "Doll" but not in the Valley! Barbara lives part time in London. Watch for her art show at the end of 2008.

With Don Edmonds

Don "Killer Drag Queens on Dope" Edmonds and I studied together at the Estelle Harmon Drama workshop. See why I love visiting this show?

Dwayne Hickman, Steve Franken and Garry Walberg

Dwayne Hickman, Steve Franken and Garry Walberg. Is this not the best trio?

Tanya Lemani

Fellow Trek babe Tanya Lemani's book "Have Belly Will Travel" is a good example of what happens if you follow your dreams.

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