Lawrence Montaigne and wife Patricia

Dinner celebration for newlywed Trek Babe Lawrence Montaigne ("Amok Time") who married Patricia on his birthday, February 26, in order to remember their anniversary!

Lois Jewell and husband Bob

Also attending are fellow Trek Babe Lois "Bread and Circuses" Jewell with hubby Ted.

Bob Wynn and wife Cecile with Michael Forest

Laugh-In producer Bob Wynn and actress wife Cecile Ozorio, Lawrence's co-star in the pilot for "City Beneath the Sea", are listening intently to Trek Babe Michael Forest, Apollo in "Who Mourns for Adonais?"

Stuart Sobel and wife Elenore

Lawrence's old buddy from law school, Stuart Sobel and glamourous wife Eleanor, also helping to celebrate this joyous marriage.

Kate Linder receiving Walk of Fame star

April 10, 2008. How glorious to see "The Young and the Restless" soap star Kate Linder receiving a spot on The Walk of Fame.

Jeanne Cooper and Peter Bergman

Enjoying Kate's special day are long-time Y&R stars Jeanne Cooper and Peter Bergman.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa presented Kate's award. Also Michael Teilmann, retired Brigadier General

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa presented Kate's award. Cheering Kate on is Michael Teilmann, retired Brigadier General.

Mr. Blackwell and friend

Mr. Blackwell and friend in the cheering section.

With Jeanne Cooper

Jeanne Cooper is another one of my old poker buddies! (Photo by Gor Megaera).

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