Ray Court's sense of humor always makes me giggle

At Ray and Sharon Courts' Hollywood Collectors and Celebrities Show, January 28, 2006. Ray's sense of humor always makes me giggle!

With Ray Courts

Visiting this show is one of my most favorite things to do.

With Miles Kreuger

Theatre Historian Miles Kreuger, President of The Institute of the American Musical, was also visiting the show.

With Robert Clary

It's so much fun spending time with my favorite actors like Robert Clary.

Richard Herd and Robert Clary clowning around

Richard Herd and Robert Clary clowning around.

Andrew and Heather Prine

Andrew and Heather Prine who just returned from Tahiti, also attended the show.

With Connie Stevens

Not only is Connie Stevens beautiful and smart, she's now Secretary-Treasurer of the Screen Actors Guild.

With Richard Chamberlain

What a joy to see Richard Chamberlain. We used to take dance classes together at Roland Dupree's.

With Billy Dee Williams

The ever cool Billy Dee "Star Wars" Williams.

With Ben Murphy

Ben Murphy is still our best celeb tennis player.

With Olivia Hussey

The beautiful Olivia "Juliet" Hussey tells me she has been married to her Romeo (David) for 13 years!

With Lou Ferrigno and Ken Foree

Sweetest guy ever Lou Ferrigno and another visiting actor Ken "Dawn of the Dead" Foree.

With Brett Halsey and David Hedison

My how time Flys! Brett "The Return of the Fly" Halsey and David "The Fly" Hedison.

With Kenny Miller

Kenny Miller is one of my all time favorites!

With Adam West

Holy Moly! Adam "Batman" West and Yvonne "Batgirl" Craig in the same room!

With Yvonne Craig

Which is more beautiful, her eyes or the necklace?

With Tab Hunter

Tab Hunter is as loving and friendly as he was when we first met 25 years ago.

With Frank Sivero

We definitely wanna stay on the good side of Frank "Goodfellas" Sivero.

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