SF Ball

If you're looking for a reason to go to the UK and want to attend a first class Star Trek convention, check out the annual SF Ball in
Bournemouth, held at the Carrington House Hotel. Your hosts Anne, B, Paul, James and Andy will treat you with love! Bottom row:
Celeste Yarnall, me, Kate Mulgrew, Arlene Martel, Menina Fortunato. Above Menina, R-L: Richard Arnold, Jeremy Bulloch, James
Cawley, Bobby Clark, Jamie Bamber. Top row L-R: John Kelly, John Carrigan, Jeffery Quinn, Ron Boyd and Andy Bray. Feb, 2006.

Anne and daughter Amber

VIP lounge with promoter and gracious hostess Anne gushing over beautiful daughter Amber.

Amber and Menina

At the Saturday night ball, Amber with celeb guest Menina Fortunato.

Getting a tour

Our host Paul taking Bobby "Gorn" Clark and Trek Babes, Arlene "T'Pring" Martel, and me, Marlena Moreau, on a tour. We stopped for a coffee at Harbour Heights overlooking Poole Harbour in Dorset. (www.fjbhotels.co.uk)

Bobby and B

Before going on stage, our MC and host, B, tells Bobby a joke.


My assistant Debbie. What a gem!

With James

Our fourth host, precious James. I wanted to pack him up and take him home.

Our hosts with Jamie

Our hosts surrounding gorgeous "Galactica" star, Jamie Bamber.

Celest, me and Arlene

Waiting to board at United's Red Carpet Club are Trek Babes Celeste Yarnall, me and Arlene Martel.

Me and Jamie

Jamie, who's on a four month hiatus from the new "Battlestar Galactica".

With New Voyages guys

And here are my "New Voyages" guys. I had the pleasure of working with them when we did "In Harm's Way". L-R" Jeffery "Spock" Quinn, James "Capt.Kirk" Cawley and John "Dr. McCoy" Kelly.

With Jeremy Bulloch

How cool is Jeremy "Star Wars" Bulloch?

Speaking of cool

Speaking of cool, here's adopted Captain of the Trek Babes, Kate Mulgrew.

With Andy Bray

"New Voyages" Andy "Chekov" Bray.

Kirk with Trek Babes

"New Voyages" Capt. Kirk with mink clad Trek Babes.

With Fiona Pendlebury

Fiona Pendlebury interviewed me for the Daily Echo.

James Cawley, Trek expert Richard Arnold, Bobby Clark, Jeremy Bulloch, Jamie Bamber, John Carrigan and Menina

James Cawley, Trek expert Richard Arnold, Bobby Clark, Jeremy Bulloch, Jamie Bamber, John Carrigan, Menina.

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