With Sir Anthony Hopkins

Being the Celebrity Coordinator for the Thalians, I managed to have the fantastic Sir Anthony Hopkins film a congratulatory video for this year's Thalian Honoree, 007, Sir Roger Moore. Sir Anthony insisted we call him "Tony", can you imagine?

Interviewed by George Pennacchio

Interviewed by ABC's Entertainment guru George Pennacchio, also a Thalian. Sean Lewis was our camerman.

Santa Monica Fairmont Miramar Hotel

Sean setting up in the Santa Monica Fairmont Miramar Hotel. Thanks to Tracy and Gloria, we were given this gorgeous suite to film in. The staff was extremely accommodating. Check it out.

Mountain-Con in Salt Lake City

September, 2007. Nothing like starting off a convention with a bang! Here we are at Mountain-Con in Salt Lake City.

With promoter Carl Stark

Promoter Carl Stark sure knows how to treat a gal. What a fab convention.

David Prowse with Jani Fleet

Recognize him? Of course not. That's David "Darth Vader" Prowse giving MountainCon's liason Jani Fleet a well deserved hug.

Garrett Wang and Chase Masterson

Star Trek: Voyager's Garrett Wang and the adorable Chase Masterson, Bajoran Dabo girl Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Felix Silla, Mary Rice Chase, moi and Garrett

Star Trek Ahoy! Felix Silla, Mary Rice Chase, moi and Garrett.

Interviewed by Buddah

We were all interviewed by comfy "Buddah" for his TV show on Fox-13, KSTU SLC.

Here's Bruce, Patricia and Elenor

Here's Bruce, Patricia and Elenor. They call themselves "The Average American Family".

It's Bruce!

Is it Phyllis, Victoria, Jen, or T'Nea? No, it's Bruce!

As Stevl from Starfleet Academy

As T'Nea Kelly from Starfleet Academy.

Rex Rouviere and Cynthia Cummens

We even received diplomas from sweetie-pie Rex Rouviere. Star Wars artist Cynthia Cummens was first.

With waiter Bruno

Then the Mountain-Con group took all of us to Radizio, a Brazillian restaurant. Both the waiter Bruno and the food was delicious.

Awesome costumes

Everyone loves Harry Potter, especially Charlene and Steve. Heather made these costumes....awesome!


Watch the classic films Fridays at 9PM on UEN-TV. (Photo by Autumn Thatcher, Outreach Coordinator).

Annette Vogel

I even got to site-see. Jani's associate, Annette Vogel, took me to Temple Square. She knew more than the tour guides!

Inside the Tabernacle

Inside the Tabernacle. Wow, what a historic site!

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