The High Chaparral Reunion in Phoenix

September, 2007. How cool that I was invited to The High Chaparral Reunion in Phoenix! Welcome to the 3rd Annual Wild Western Festival.

With Dr. Buck Montgomery

Dr. Buck Montgomery dedicated the Festival to his mom Ms. Ginny. We were all invited to stay here at the Country Inn & Suites and it sure was sweet.

With Ms. Tammy

Dr. Buck's beautiful gal, Ms. Tammy.

With Charlie LeSueur

Our Q&A host, author, actor, performer and teacher, Charlie LeSueur.

With my guys

Here're my guys Bobby Hoy and Ted Markland from "The High Chaparral", Whitey Hughes who doubled me several times and THE Peter "Lawman" Brown.

With Patsy and Greg Long

Patsy and Greg Long, Peter's agent and partner. They cooked for us in their gorgeous home.

With Rusty

How beautiful is this Western gal, Rusty?

Bobby and Ginny

Bobby's favorite assistant, Ginny.

Peter Brown

Peter is a true cowboy, even when he's not.

Teddy and Penny

Here's Teddy's favorite assistant, Penny.

Zorro reunion cast photo

October, 2007. A Zorro cast reunion at the Ray Courts Show celebrating Disney's Zorro 50th anniversary. (Left to right: Bobby Crawford, Suzanne Lloyd, Steve Stevens, James Hong, Guy Williams, Jr., Richard Anderson, Tony Russel, Paul Picerni, moi and H.M. Wynant).

Tony Russel and Brett Halsey

Z actor Tony Russel meets "The Fly", Brett Halsey.

James Hong and Mary

James Hong, the actor that never stops working, with Mary.

With Antoinette Lane

With Antoinette Lane, author of "Guy Williams: The Man Behind the Mask".

Kathy Nance interviewing Steve Stevens

Steve Stevens being interviewed by our own Z gal, Kathy Nance, who flew in from Hawaii.

Debbie Reynolds and Mary

Legendary star and fellow Thalian President & Founder, Debbie Reynolds with my adorable webmistress, Mary.

With Carolyn Munro

Also at the show was a James Bond reunion. From "The Spy Who Loved Me", and who wouldn't, Caroline Munro.

Lynn-Holly Johnson with her present director, Bob Conrad

From "For Your Eyes Only", Lynn-Holly Johnson with her present director, Bob Conrad.

With Martine Beswick and David Hedison

Another great Bond gal, Martine Beswick and the Bond man everyone loves, David Hedison.

With Priscilla Barnes

Priscilla Barnes is everywhere, from "Licence to Kill" to "Three's Company", and last month she portrayed Hilary Clinton!

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