September, 2007. Yup it's me at DragonCon wtih Bryan Thompson, Nicholas Lee and Megan Waddle.

With Elisabeth Röhm

Beautiful Elisabeth Röhm from "Law & Order" and "Angel".

With Gil Gerard and Erin Gray

Gil Gerard and his "Buck Rogers" co-star, beauty Erin Gray. Love Gil's new trim look.

With Marc Singer and Felix Silla

Hunky Marc "Beastmaster" Singer and "Buck Rogers'" Felix Silla.

With volunteer Elsa

Elisa, a sweet volunteer.

With TNG's Jonathan Frakes

TNG's handsome Jonathan Frakes.

With James Marsters

James Marsters. Where haven't you seen him?!

With Ken Feinberg

By the time you read this, actor/ director Ken "Buffy" Feinberg will be a daddy!

Christian Bobak and Jimmy

Nice to see Star Trek fan and friend Christian Bobak on his home turf. Jimmy and I just had to go to Toronto and see our favorite band, Rush.

With Christian

I first met Christian at a Star Trek Convention. He always brings me my favorite drink, A&W Root Beer.

With Jody and Harvey Hauer

Our friends Jody and Harvey Hauer took us to The House of Chan for a great Chinese dinner before the concert.



Suite number is title of the best Rush album

How bazaar was this? One of the all time great Rush albums is "2112". That was Jimmy's suite number at the Four Seasons Hotel!

We couldn't believe it

We couldn't believe it.

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