With Carol Connors

The hostess with the mostest, songwriter Carol "Rocky" Connors held her sensational annual Bee in Your Bonnet Easter Luncheon at the Beverly Hills Country Club. (Notice the pedi savers CC is holding).

Mary Marshall, Emmanuel Pradet and Susan McDonald

Making sure all was perfect were Mary Marshall of Member Services, executive chef extraordinaire, Emmanual Pradet and Director of Member Services, Susan McDonald. Hard to beat this trio.

With Candace Smith and Linda Schwartz

If you wanna make headlines in the Beverly Hills Courier, get between these two beauties! New owner of the fab newspaper are Candace, wife of Clifton S. Smith Jr. and Linda Schwartz, wife of founding publisher March Schwartz.

Pam Price and Marci Weiner

Author of "100 Best Spas of the World", Pam Price and columnist Marci Weiner. They are definitely two peas in a pod!

Beautiful bunnies of a different kind

Beautiful bunnies of a different kind. L-R (back row), Ellyn, wife of BHPC David Snowden, Paula Karcher, her husband is Carl Jr., heir to Carl's Jr., Pamela, Deanna, the ever glamorous Fifth Dimension star, Marilyn McCoo, Candace, Linda, Marci, Mara New, CC, moi, Kate "The Young and the Restless" Linder.

Marilyn and Candace

A closer look at Marilyn and Candace's bonnets.

Deanna Lund

Only Deanna "Land of the Giants" Lund could look this fashionable in a hip brace.


Let's have a closer look at Ellyn, our Beverly Hills Police Chief's pretty wife. She and CC had the same Easter idea....bunny ears of course!

With Candace and Linda

If you tasted these cakes and cookies, like Linda, you too would close your eyes and savor every bite. Mmmm yummy. Thank you Ms. J.

Bunnies Mara New, Merry Lynn Ross and Ellyn

Bunnies Mara New, Merry Lynn Ross and Ellyn.

With Kate and our Global Gift bags

When I tell you what's in this Global Gift bag you'll understand why Kate & I are running off! Magical Cream from Pat Riley, the Clientele Beauty Queen products by Judith August, inventor of the Everything Pencil, Body Wealth shampoo, TweezLight, (best tweezer I ever met), wine and T-shirtsT from the BHCC, Trimspa warm and fuzzy jacket, Karen Sasson's PediSavers, gold & silver Pilot pens, See's candy and more!

A very special luncheon

Our hats are on but they sure came off to CC for hosting a very special luncheon!

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