June, 2007. Carol Connors hosted our table at the Isreal Cancer Research Fund luncheon in honor of gal pal Mouseketeer Cheryl Holdridge Reventlow Post, who was unable to attend. By phone we heard Cheryl was all smiles!

ICRF Luncheon

What's a goody bag without chocolates? (Back row). Thank you Hasty Khoei, CEO of madame-chocolat.com, designer extraordinaire Barbara Lazaroff, actress/writer Merrie Lynn Ross, Kate "Young & the Restless" Linder, hostess Carol "Rocky" Connors, Fifth Dimension fab singer Florence LaRue, me, Charlene "Dallas" Tilton, beautiful #13, Leyla "Deal or No Deal" Milani and actress Deanna "Land of the Giants" Lund.

Just by table hopping we netted almost $4000.00!

Just by table hopping we netted almost $4000.00 for ICRF!

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