Celebrating with Jimmy, Nora and Gary

Jimmy and I celebrating dear friend Nora Garcia Farr's birthday at Panzanella restaurant. Of course husband Gary is beaming.

With Kelly

Waiter Kelly happens to be a big TOS Star Trek fan. To my surprise he recognized Marlena from Mirror Mirror. Good thing I had on my dark wig!

With Leslie Martinson

Director Writer Producer Leslie Martinson and I lunching at Café Roma. Leslie's wife is columnist Connie Martinson.

Mike Silverman

Realtor tycoon Mike Silverman celebrating his birthday at Spago.

Terry Moore

Also celebrating a birthday at Café Roma, Terry Moore.

With Sonja and Suzanne

After not seeing each other for 15 years, Casting gal Sonja Kissik, ex-physical therapist Suzanne Delrio and I had a celebrated lunch at Hotel Del Mar. Boy did we gab!

Dennis Quaid at Club 424

Went to see Dennis Quaid at Club 424. What a fun group!

With Paula Torres

Paula Torres, board member on California Certification Board of Chemical Dependency. I presented her assistant Pat Gonzalez with an award for her dedication and exemplary service. (Nov 2005).

With Suzanne Charney

It's hard to keep up with dancer Suzanne Charney, a fabulous mambo-nic. She danced every dance!

With Ted Witzer and Mr. and Mrs. Mark Harris

Manager/producer Ted Witzer and me helping "Crash" producer Mark Harris and wife Lisa celebrate his SAG win (best picture) by mamboing at El Floradita.

Mr. and Mrs. Norby Walters and Mrs. Buddy Hackett

Other mambo-nics from way back are Norby Walters with wife Irene and Buddy Hackett's widow Sherry.

At the Palladium in NYC

Paul doesn't dance but as wife Suzanne says "he's a great audience"! Paula, friend of Norby and Irene, all danced at the famous Palladium in NYC.

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