New Year's Eve at the Mansion

New Year's Eve, 2005. For the last twenty five years I have been invited to many functions at the Mansion. I'm thankful and grateful to Hugh Hefner for his kindness and enduring generosity.

With Chase Masterson

Star Trek buddy Chase Masterson, "Leeta" on Deep Space Nine, also enjoying a luxurious New Year's evening.

Ray and Sharon Courts

Our favorite Hollywood memorabilia hosts, Ray and Sharon Courts.

Norby and Irene Walters

Producer to the stars Norby "Never to big to say hello" Walters and adorable wife Irene.

Tom and Nadine Hallick

Soap star Tom Hallick and wife Nadine.

With Deborah Gibson

Always been a fan of singer Deborah Gibson.

Jimmy, Deborah and Jimmy Van Patten

Jimmy of Ferro fame, Deborah and Jimmy Van Patten.

John Rockwell and Leon Kennedy

Entrepreneur John Rockwell and writer/actor/producer Leon Kennedy.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

At midnight hundreds of ballons were released

At midnight, hundreds of ballons were released.

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