Fantastic Freda Payne

Fantastic Freda Payne dazzled us with her tribute to Ella Fitzgerald at Catalina Bar and Grill.

Linda Hopkins, Scherrie Payne, Marla Gibbs and sister

Linda Hopkins with former Supreme and sister of Freda, Ms Scherrie Payne, Emmy nominee Marla Gibbs and sister.

Linda Hopkins

What a joy to meet Tony Award nominee Linda Hopkins.

Mark Ruffalo

Another joyful meeting was Mark "We Don't Live Here Anymore" Ruffalo.

Scott Stander

Agent to the stars, Scott Stander.

Randon, Ron Glass, Jimmy Ferro

Dancer Randon Lo, Ron "Barney Miller" Glass (who also appeared on "Voyager") and Jimmy of Ferro's Showroom in Hollywood.

Barbara Leigh

August 5, 2006. At Hugh Hefner's annual Mid Summer Night's Dream bash. Whoops, wore this last year. Shh! Ever beautiful actress/model Barbara Leigh. We've always been told we look like sisters.

Barbara Leigh, Michael Callan and Larry Metzger

Barbara, buddy Michael Callan, me and Larry Metzger from GSK, playing peekaboo!

Barbara Leigh, Michael Callan

Barbara, Mickey and me. We worked together on "One Life to Live".

Me and Jimmy

Me and Jimmy.

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