Craig Miller with Regina, me and Arial

A big thanks to Craig Miller for bringing me to World Con. Also, thank you to Regina (left) and Ariel.

With Rod Roddenberry

How could we celebrate without handsome Rod Roddenberry?

With Robert Culp

Always a joy to see Robert Culp.

With Bob May

How dapper is Bob May? (Lost in Space).

Me, Celeste Yarnall and Grace Lee Whitney

Some of the Trek babes beginning to celebrate Star Trek's 40th at the Las Vegas Hilton. Me, Celeste Yarnall and Grace Lee Whitney.

Treka Babes

More Trek babes! Beverly Washburn, Celeste, Lee Meriwether, Joanne Linville, Arlene Martel, moi and Grace Lee.

The babes with Walter Koenig and Rod

There's no Star Trek convention unless the Trek babes have Walter "Chekov" Koenig and Rod.

Visitor Ted Johnson with Don Marshall, Celeste, Lawrence Montaigne and Tanya George Lemani

Representing the Boy Scouts was visitor Ted Johnson. He enjoyed talking to Don "Land Of the Giants" Marshall, Celeste, Lawrence "Amok Time" Montaigne, me and belly dancer Tanya George Lemani

Steve Scott and Felix Silla

Having fun are alien Steve Scott and Buck Rogers' "Twiki", Felix Silla

With Virginia Hey

Fabulous Virginia "Farscape" Hey. Remember Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan?

With Pandora

Pandora wanted to show me her/his phaser!

With Robert Picardo

Not just a Sci-Fi triple threat, Mr. Robert Picardo is a fab singer and dancer!

With Chase Masterson and Mirina Sirtis

Beautiful Trek babes of a different kind. Chase Masterson from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and Mirina Sirtis from "Star Trek: Enterprise".

With Suzie Plakson

Loved meeting Suzie Plakson. Talk about a Sci-Fi triple threat. Wow!

With astronomer Phil Plait

Astronomer Phil Plait, badastronomy.com.

With Hugh S. Gregory, spaceflight historian

Spaceflight Historian, Hugh S. Gregory.

With Ron Moore, special effects wizard

Ron Moore, special effects wizard.

With Richard Herd

Fantastic costumes from Trinity Blood surrounding versatile actor Richard Herd and moi.

Can you tell which ones aren't wax?

Can you tell which ones aren't wax?

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