With Ice-T

Fun to see Ice-T ("Law & Order") enjoying the 4th of July, 2006 outing at Hef's.

Anne Marion and Joe E. Tata

Anne Marion cooling down on the arm of Joe E. ("Beverly Hills 90210") Tata.

Brett and Channel

Brett with buddy Channel in between Ice-T to the left and Crispin Glover to the right.

Jimmy, moi, Terry Moore, grandson and friends

Jimmy, moi, Terry Moore, grandson and friends.

Nels and Jimmy Van Patten

Brothers Nels and Jimmy Van Patten were on hand.

Nels and his beautiful wife, Nancy Valen

Nels' beautiful actress/producer wife, Nancy Valen.

Joyce and Hank

Joyce Rush and fiancé, entrepreneur Hank Salvatore.

Keith Hefner

And the always smiling Keith Hefner.

The musicians

Check out some of the musicians.

Doug and Dorothy Drexler

Oscar winner Doug Drexler and his kitchen goddess wife Dorothy beaming over his Emmy nomination for Visual Effects on the new "Battlestar Galactica". Dorothy cooked us THE most scrumptious meal.

With Doug and Mike Forest

Doug's favorite Outer Limits segment happens to be the one Mike Forest and I guest starred in, "It Crawled Out of the Woodwork". Yup, we had to watch it with him!

Mike and Diana Forest with Doug

Mike and wife Diana helping Doug to celebrate.

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