With Skip E. Lowe

Skip E. Lowe's birthday party at Café Roma.

With Shirley Jones

Shirley Jones and I are both thankful to Oscar Hammerstein.

With Suzanne Hughes

Suzanne (Herbal Life) Hughes.

With March Schwartz

Sweet March Schwartz, owner of the Courier newspaper.

With Barbi Benton

Barbi Benton hosted this event, "Mermaids of the Reef", held in Suzanne's sensational home.

With Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis

Marilyn McCoo and hubby Billy Davis just performed to a sellout crowd at Cerritos Center.

With Gloria Allred

The more successful Gloria Allred becomes, the prettier she becomes!

Ron Masak gives great hugs

Ron Masak gives great hugs.

Barbi and Carol Connors with Jean-Michel Cousteau

Barbi and Carol Connors with Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Barbie and Carol underwater

Barbie and Carol underwater.

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