With Marty Ingels

March 9, 1936 October 21, 2015. Marty Ingels was the craziest, funniest, most lovable guy I've ever met in Hollywood!

Robert Loggia and Steven Bauer

January 3, 1930 December 4, 2015. Little did I know that this would be the last photo I'd be taking of Robert Loggia. Strange it would be with Scarface co-star Steven Bauer. I loved Robert, as did everyone.

With Rita D'Amico Hyde

December 25, 1936 - December 22. 2015. I don't know which I'll miss more about Rita D'Amico Hyde, her beautiful heart or her continuous laughter.

With Frank Sinatra, Jr.

January 10, 1944 - March 16, 2016 - Frank Sinatra Jr. Like father, like son. You did it your way too!

With Peter Brown

October 5, 1935 - March 21, 2016 - Darling Peter Brown. Adios, my friend.

With Garry Marshall

Garry Marshall. November 13, 1934 July 19, 2016. Thank you for so many joyous Happy Days!

Don Marshall

May 2, 1936 October 30, 2016 - Darling Donald James Marshall, your Star Trek family and friends will miss your sweet, kind and gentle presence. You were so loved and will remain in the hearts of many.

Joyce Rush Mandel and Hank Salvatore

Joyce Rush Mandel and Hank Salvatore. Together forever. (2016)

Van Williams

Van Williams. February 27, 1934 November 28, 2016. Van had a kind and caring heart and was beloved by many. He will be greatly missed.

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher

December 2016 - Debbie Reynolds and daughter Carrie Fisher. Love is forever.

Richard Hatch

Richard Hatch. May 21, 1945 February 7, 2017. Darling Richard, talented, always smiling, friendly and open hearted.

Stewart Moss

Stewart Moss, 1937-2017. So long, my friend.

Arlene Martel

Arlene Martel

Lawrence Montaigne

Lawrence Montaigne. Both stars of TOS "Amok Time".

Lawrence Montaigne

Thank you, Lawrence for being my best baby sitter!

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