With Mr. and Mrs. Fayard Nicholas

With Katherine and Fayard Nicholas. (1914-2006).

Marlon Brando

Three years ago when I introduced Marlon to Fayard Nicholas at the Bamboo restaurant, it came as a surprise when Marlon stood by Fayard's table talking to him for ten minutes. He rarely discussed show biz and certainly never table hopped! How sweet it was to watch him as he beamed and raved to Fayard about his tap dancing, something Marlon always wanted to do but couldn't. The Nicholas Brothers were his favorite.

Oscar Hammerstein

Mr. Hammerstein. He was my Oscar.

Richard Rodgers

Richard Rodgers, 1902 - 1979. Thank you for putting me on the road to a show business career in "South Pacific" when I was a child. I owe it all to you and Mr. Oscar Hammerstein.

The late, great Liberace

The late, great Liberace.

Me, Doug, Faye and Tane

Me and Doug McClure hanging out with his first wife Faye and daughter Tané.

Doug McClure and Jerry Van Dyke

Doug McClure and Jerry Van Dyke. Jupiter, Florida. Celebrity Tennis Tournament.

With Doug McClure

I will always love Dougie.

Rod Laver, Dougie and Gil Gerard

Rod Laver, Dougie and Gil Gerard.

Anthony Newley and Mrs. Harold Robbins

Anthony Newley and Mrs. Harold Robbins at a barbecue at New York City home of Dann Moss.

Guy Williams, Jr., Mikki, Gale and me

In loving memory of Mikki Totten. I met Mikki and her beloved Gale Kennedy when they invited me to her Western Con in Laughlin, Nevada. Guy Williams, Jr., Mikki, Gale and me.

Shelly me and Frank

At the Beverly Garland Hotel. Shelly Berman, me and Frank Gorshin. Frank will be missed.

With Frank Gorshin

Frank Gorshin's Kirk Douglas impression was the best!

Peter Douglas with Gene Shacove

Speaking of Kirk Douglas, here is son Peter with icon Gene Shacove, friend and hairstylist to the stars. We all miss him.

Donald O'Connor

Donald O'Connor will always be unforgettable. Here he is honored by Thalians Chairman of the Board Ruta Lee, Hugh O'Brien and jewelry designer Harvey Hauer.

With Jonathan Harris

With Jonathan Harris. Jonathan and I worked together in "Teahouse of the August Moon" on Broadway.

Richard Biggs

I'm so glad I got to know what a decent guy Richard Biggs was.

David Keith, myself and Cornel Wilde

David Keith, me and Cornel Wilde at Hugh Hefner's.


Sophie in NY (before doggie heaven).


Sept, 2020. Cody is with Sophie now in doggy heaven.

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