With Mitzi Gaynor

At The Professional Dancer's Society Gypsy Awards, March 13, 2005. President Mitzi Gaynor's humor on stage is always a bright spot, she's hilarious.

With Michael Kidd

Honored this year, legendary choreographer Michael "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" Kidd. Awards took place at The Sportsmans Lodge.

With Alex Romero and George Chakiris

With MGM Musical Choreographer Alex Romero and Oscar winner George "West Side Story" Chakiris. Alex and I worked together on "Zorro"!

With AC Lyles and Alex Romero

With A C Lyles who's still an exec at Paramount after 77 years and Alex Romero. Alex is 92 and dances every day.

With Gary Collins and Mary Ann Mobley

Gary Collins and Mary Ann Mobley, beautiful and blissful after 38 years of marriage.

With Mr. and Mrs. Dom DeLuis

Is anyone funnier than Dom DeLuise? Not according to me and his wife Carol. Recognize beautiful Ann Jeffries next to Carol?

With Joni Berry

Beautiful Joni Berry, creator of The Professional Dancer's Society and the Gypsy Awards, was kind enough to seat us at her table.

With Russ Tamblyn

Russ Tamblyn who starred in "Seven Brides". What a thrill to see him again. He took me to my first Acadamy Awards experience when he was nominated for an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor in "Peyton Place". How proud is he of his daughter Amber? VERY!

Dancing the Jitterbug with Lou

Dancing the Jitterbug with Lou.

With Tony Mordente

Director/dancer/choreographer, Tony Mordente. ("West Side Story").

Actor Malachi Throne and wife Marjorie

Actor Malachi Throne and wife Marjorie.

Walter, Gina me and Charlene

Dancer/producer/choreographer Walter Painter, Gina Trikonis, dancer in film "West Side Story", me and Charlene, Walter's wife who has assisted every top choreographer including Michael Bennet. She also stage manages the Gypsy Awards.

Me and Sandy Varetta

Sandy Rovetta and I met rehearsing "A Chorus Line". She was Cassie in the London co. I was Morales in the New York co.

Walter, Gina me and Charlene

Tony, ex-agent Ted Witzer, moi and Walter.

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