With Hugh Hefner

1999. With Hugh Hefner at the annual Playboy Jazz Festival held at he Hollywood Bowl. This is one of my most favorite events in L.A.

Playboy Jazz Festival

2005. At the Playboy Jazz Festival. Pictured with me are Jimmy, Erika and Doug.

Playboy Jazz Festival

2005. At the Playboy Jazz Festival. With friends Gary Farr and Nora Garcia Farr.

With Bill Cosby

Me yakking with Bill Cosby while he hosts the Playboy Jazz Festival. April, 1997.

Berry Gordy and friends

At Hugh Hefner's mansion. Not sure who the girl is on the left, but next to her is actor/writer Leon Kennedy, Motown Records owner Berry Gordy, me and Joyce Rush.

With Julie McCullough

At Hugh Hefner's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" party with Julie McCullough.

Ladies Luncheon

Ladies Luncheon. Diane Ladd, Carol Connors, Rhonda Shear, Barbie Benton and me.

With Hugh Hefner

Congratulating Hef on the birth of his son.

With Marion Ramsey

With Marion ("Police Academy") Ramsey. She was my co-host for the Ms. Virginia Beauty Pageant.

Ms. Onalaska contestants

Ms. Onalaska Beauty Pageant contestants. I hosted this pageant solo.

Barbara McNair and husband

Society of Singers picnic. Barbara McNair and husband, Charlie Bleka.

Palm Springs Follies

Palm Springs Follies creator Riff Markowitz and Leila Burgess, who I went to school with.

With Robert Forster

With Robert Forster who was nominated Best Supporting Actor for "Jackie Brown". 1997.

Party for Chita Rivera

Party for Broadway star Chita Rivera. Also pictured is Mrs. Larry Gelbart.

With Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Bono

With Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Bono (1935-1998) at charity event in Palm Springs when he was mayor.

With Mamie Van Doren and Skip E. Lowe

Charity event. With Mamie Van Doren and Skip E. Lowe.

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