New Voyages cast

With Executive producer James Cawley and cast of the New Voyages episode, "In Harm's Way".

With Engineering Chief Gary

With Engineering Chief Gary of the U.S.S. Angeles at The James Doohan Farewell Convention, August, 2004.

With Carol Lawrence, Brian Genedece, Dr. Bill Maletz, Allan 
Rich and Richard Gordon

Carol Lawrence, Brian Genedece, Dr. Bill Maletz, two-time Oscar nominee, songwriter Allan Rich, me and publicist Richard Gordon.

With Lanie Kazan and Lorna Luft

With Lanie Kazan and Lorna Luft at a birthday party for Richard Gordon.

With James Hong

With James Hong at the Hollywood Collectors Show.

Lunch with friends

Lunch with friends Guy Williams, Jr., Shaun Chang, me, Mary and Russ Spooner, Kathy Gregory and Diana Hale.

Tamales! Hot, hot, hot, hot tamales!

At La Golodrina Café, performing the song I sang on "Zorro" for the Guy Williams fans that gathered earlier in the day for the Walk of Fame star ceremony.

Zorro to the rescue

Zorro (Guy Williams, Jr.,) rescues me from the mean soldier, (Jeff Sutherland). Or should I say he rescued the soldier from me!

One year star anniversary

Toni Williams and son Nando, Kathy Gregory, Guy Jr., Mary Spooner and me at the star's one year anniversary.

With Dennis Cole and H.M. Wynant

With Dennis Cole and H.M. Wynant. This convention fell on my birthday.

My first cruise

My first cruise. This is the captain of the Grandeur of the Seas. Now this is what a captain should look like!

My first cruise

What a beautiful and elegant ship this was.

With songwriter Carol Connors

With songwriter Carol Connors. We were flown in private plane to Bentonville, Ark. for the celebrity tennis match.

Cool limo

We were driven to the matches in this limo.

Rod Laver and Tracy Austin with Carol Connors

Pros Rod Laver and Tracy Austin with Carol Connors.

With Sam Walton

With Sam Walton of Wal-Mart fame.

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