With Walter Koenig

With Walter Koenig.

With Warren Stevens

With Warren Stevens.

With June Lockhart

With June Lockhart of "Lost in Space".

With Mark Goddard

With Mark Goddard of "Lost in Space".

Paul Carr and Gary Lockwood

Paul Carr (1934-2006) and Gary Lockwood. Gary and I worked together in the film "Firecreek".

Paul Carr, Richard Herd, Herb Jefferson, Jr.

Valley Forge convention. With Paul Carr, Richard Herd and Herb Jefferson, Jr. Photo by Sue Coflin.


I just like this photo.

With Fred Williamson

With Fred Williamson.

With Paul Picerni

With Paul Picerni of "The Untouchables".

With Mako

With Mako. The Western North Carolina Film Festival.

Deborah Downey, Paul Carr, Carolyn Seymour and Richard Herd

Onstage with Deborah Downey, Paul Carr, Carolyn Seymour and Richard Herd. Photo by Sue Coflin.

With Paul L. Smith

With Paul L. Smith. We first met while filming the "Hawaii Five-O" episode, "A Lion in the Streets".

With Martin Kove

With hunky Martin Kove. See why I like doing conventions?

With Tiny Ron

With Tiny Ron.

With Kevin McCarthy

With Kevin McCarthy, star of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", one of my most favorite movies.

With Scott McDonald

With Scott McDonald who has appeared on all four modern Star Trek series.

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